UFO ‘hovered over prison and left inmates with red rash’

Prisoners in Dorset have claimed that a UFO hovered above their jail before they all came out in a mysterious red rash. In a letter to prison magazine Inside Times, one inmate said: “I do not believe in the supernatural or aliens from Mars, but what we recently saw here in this prison was really very strange and still leaves me speechless.” He described a “very bright light” the day before a number of inmates came out in a “very red rash”.

Puppy invades cricket game

A cricket game in Ireland was brought to a standstill when a puppy invaded the pitch. CSNI CC and Bready Cricket Club were playing out the closing stages of their Women’s All-Ireland T20 match when the dog appeared and snatched up the loose ball from the outfield. A player eventually managed to coax the dog over to her and retrieve the ball, which the commentators said would probably “need a clean”.

Woman spoils her ‘fashionista’ pigeons

A woman spends £4,000 a year on “fashionista” rescue pigeons, reported the Daily Mirror. Meggy Johnson rescued her pet pigeons Sky and Moose after they were found abandoned and vulnerable as chicks. She has now treated them to a wardrobe full of fabulous outfits and even a posh stroller. “They have their own converted bedroom which is their space and they have all their little perches, toys and wardrobe,” Johnson said. ”They live the life of luxury.”


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