Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman LIVE WWE announcement ahead of Saudi Arabia clash

The story so far…

On Monday, Tyson Fury was invited to take the microphone and send Braun Strowman a message after their confrontation last week.

Fury demanded an apology which was not forthcoming and he took matters into his own hands.

Security staff rushed in to restrain the boxer but they couldn’t keep Strowman away from him as he ran in reigning punches on his new rival.

The ring filled with security staff but even they took some punches, with Fury knocking several of them to the floor, as the two brawlers couldn’t be kept apart.

And soon the WWE locker room had emptied as wrestlers rushed in to try and stop the shenanigans.

Strowman eventually left the ring – only to rush back in an attempt to catch Fury by surprise – and they were still brawling as Monday Night Raw went off air.

Fury had said: “I’m not trying to provoke him. He tried to make a fool out of me by throwing Dolph into me and I want an apology.”

Strowman retorted: “I was trying to have a little fun when I saw Tyson Fury sitting ringside at WWE Smackdown – but if he wants to get serious then so do I.

“Tyson Fury’s got a mean punch, but so do I.

“So if he wants an apology, he’d better ask nicely – because if he does, he might just get one. But if he doesn’t, he might just get… these hands.”


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