Two-year-old little superhero celebrates being cancer-free at end of chemo treatment

Two-year-old Noah Eyo was declared cancer-free in November after a battle with liver cancer and celebrated by wearing a superhero cape to his final chemotherapy appointment

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Two-year-old little superhero celebrates being cancer-free

Almost all of us have been impacted by cancer in some way and we can all appreciate how difficult it is to go through gruelling chemotherapy treatments – as well as how amazing it is when someone makes it through the other side.

And one two-year-old boy has captured the hearts of people online after a video was posted which showed him ringing the bell to signify the end of his treatment while wearing a superhero cape.

Young Noah Eyo was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a form of liver cancer in February 2021 and spent most of the year enduring countless rounds of chemotherapy.

Noah was gifted his superhero cape by the American Childhood Cancer Organisation


Nikki Eyo / SWNS)

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The disease spread from Noah’s liver to his lungs and the toddler needed two operations and a liver transplant to save his life.

But in November, Noah became a little superhero, as he donned a cape to his final chemo appointment before finally being declared cancer-free.

The cape was gifted to Noah in a care package from the American Childhood Cancer Organisation, who named the toddler an ambassador because of his amazing courage and strength.

Noah’s dad, 30-year-old David Eyo cradled his brave little boy in the video clip as Noah rang the bell that signified the end of his treatment.

Noah’s mum Nikki is excited for her son to ‘enjoy being a toddler’ again


Nikki Eyo / SWNS)

And his mum, Nikki Eyo, also 30, emotionally watched on as her little soldier was given the green light to “enjoy being a toddler again”.

She said: “Noah is doing great; all the scans are showing no signs of cancer at this time.

“He’s getting to enjoy being a toddler again which is so heart-warming to see as this whole thing has been so hard on him.

“It’s been such a difficult journey to get to this point, but Noah couldn’t have been any braver – we are just so proud of him.”

There’s even more good news for the family too, as Nikki and David have recently welcomed a second child – Noah’s baby brother, Isaiah.

Nikki added: “Whilst all this was going on I also gave birth to a healthy baby boy and we named him Isaiah.

“We can’t wait to live the rest of our lives as one healthy, happy family.”

To follow Noah’s journey visit @nikkidanielle on Instagram.

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