Two ducklings found tied inside plastic bags and dumped in wheelie bin

‘It’s so important people know it is never okay to abandon an animal’ (Pictures: RSPCA)

A search is on to find out who ‘callously’ dumped a pair of adorable ducklings in a wheelie bin.

The poor birds were found tied up in separate plastic bags with sawdust in the containers at the foot of a woman’s house in Bolton.

After hearing noises she opened it to find two blue carrier bags which were moving.

The woman was stunned to find two baby ducks inside, and alerted the RSPCA.

The charity’s inspector Catherine Byrnes went to the scene and the ducklings were taken to its Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre near Nantwich in Cheshire.

She said: ‘These poor ducklings were really lucky to be found when they were, as they were obviously in danger of suffocating.

‘They were found in a carrier bag each and there was some sawdust inside, so have clearly been abandoned as unwanted pets.

‘It’s so important people know it is never okay to abandon an animal – and to callously dump them in a bin to suffer a lingering death is just terrible.

The cute ducks are recovering at a wildlife centre before they’ll be rehomed (Picture: RSPCA)
They were found in plastic bags in a woman’s wheelie bin (Picture: RSPCA)

‘These were domestic ducks, not wild birds. If people are struggling to care for an animal, there is so much they can do to look for help – but abandonments are never the answer.

‘Treating an animal like that can also constitute an offence under the Animal Welfare Act.’

The ducklings are staying at the wildlife centre until they’re ready to be rehomed.

The RSPCA encouraged anyone with information about who dumped the birds to contact them.

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