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Twisted Metal Season 2 Casts Major Video Game Villain – Screen Rant


  • Emmy-nominated actor Anthony Carrigan joins
    Twisted Metal
    season 2 as Calypso, a major video game villain.
  • The exciting addition of the
    star brings life to the character teased in season 1.
  • Richard de Klerk, Patty Guggenheim, and Tiana Okoye also join as recurring guest stars.



Twisted Metal season 2 adds an Emmy-nominated actor in the role of a major video game villain. Peacock’s live-action adaptation of the classic Twisted Metal game series got off to a thrilling start in season 1, establishing a dystopian setting worthy of the action-packed source material, while introducing a pair of compelling protagonists in John Doe (Anthony Mackie) and Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz). Twisted Metal season 2 promises to be even wilder after season 1 teased the arrival of Calypso, the mysterious figure responsible for organizing the Twisted Metal tournament.

The character of Calypso was indeed only teased in season 1, but now the role has been cast for season 2, as Barry and Gotham star Anthony Carrigan climbs aboard to play the video game bad guy. The show also added Richard de Klerk, Patty Guggenheim and Tiana Okoye as recurring guest stars, in as-yet-undisclosed roles (via Variety).

Carrigan Brings Villainous Gravitas To The Role Of Calypso

Carrigan is most famous for playing the mobster NoHo Hank in HBO’s Barry, a role for which he received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He also played the comic book supervillain Victor Zsasz in the FOX TV show Gotham.

With that background playing diabolical, complex characters, Carrigan should make a perfect Calypso. In Twisted Metal lore, Calypso is a shadowy figure, who literally has been to Hell and back, who pits drivers against each other in an automotive death match tournament, whose real intent is to send souls to Hell on behalf of Satan. The prize for winning this seemingly unwinnable game is nothing less than the person’s greatest wish. But Calypso doesn’t always play fair with his contestants, often tricking them in devious and ironic ways.

Carrigan is set to play the superhero Metamorpho in James Gunn’s

Given the importance of Calypso to the Twisted Metal series, the Peacock show needed to cast an actor with serious gravitas to play the character, and they succeeded by hiring Carrigan. It remains to be seen what other characters from the games will make their auspicious debuts in season 2, but Mr. Grimm and Axel have already been teased, and may indeed have been cast with one of the other actors just reported to have joined the show.

Source: Variety


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