Twin Atlantic's Sam McTrusty thought band may burst into tears at TRNSMT

Twin Atlantic’s Sam McTrusty says he thought he and the band might burst into tears after playing their rocking set at TRNSMT.

The Scots singer admitted he had a mix of emotions as he prepared to take to the stage today at Glasgow Green.

He said: “We are excited to be back for show but today its our drummer Craig’s last show.

In typical Scottish male fashion we’ve been burying our head in the sand about it but we might all be crying on stage together.

He’s like brother to us . It’s mixed emotions. It’s not like we’ve fallen out but he feels it’s the right time to try something different.”

Sam McTrusty and Bev Lyons backstage at TRNSMT

The lads have been working on their new album and Sam was recently seen dad dancing for their track Bang On The Gong.

He said: “We’ve got a new album to throw into the mix.

“I’m a dad now she is two she is not here today. Unfortunately she is just too small. Has it changed me?”

“Yes it made me a bit more confident and bit more comfortable in my own skin not care so much about small things.”

Sam, who plays Ironworks in Inverness for an anniversary tour in May and Barrowlands Glasgow too, as well as releasing their new album Transparency in January, admits its been a testing time playing festivals in the pandemic and said he had the fear for his first one.

He said: “We played Download down south as part of the Government pilot. It was a wee bit scary and you had to take a test and prove you were negative had to turn up at gate and they said ‘take your mask off’ which is part of the experiment. I didn’t take it off.”

At TRNSMT he was looking forward to a bit more mingling backstage.

He said: “I’ve not met anyone yet. I had lunch.

“I’m dead boring before a gig because I’m trying to conserve all my energy until after the gig when I’m annoying and then I’ll try to meet Liam Gallagher and try my best to get a photograph.”


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