Try these parenting hacks for electric vehicle journeys with the kids

MANAGING car journeys with your kids can be a minefield.

If you’ve got an electric vehicle (EV), then you’re already off to a good start, as you’ll be saving the money you would have splurged on petrol, plus you’re being kind to the environment.

 Heart's Anna & Zoe have some great tips for keeping the kids entertained in the car. (Photo taken before the Covid-19 pandemic)


Heart’s Anna & Zoe have some great tips for keeping the kids entertained in the car. (Photo taken before the Covid-19 pandemic)

Many of the latest EVs have a range of over 200 miles and charging them can be up to 10 times cheaper than filling a car with petrol.  This means it can cost as little as  £2 to drive 200 miles.

Driving the same distance in the equivalent petrol or diesel car could cost more than £20. To find out how much you could save on your regular journeys with an EV, click here.

But how do you deal with the inevitable trials and tribulations of driving, with a car full of your kids? (once travel restrictions have lifted of course).

Heart radio’s Zoe and Anna have the answers. Their three top hacks for journeys with kids will make those essential journeys on the road that little bit easier.

Heart’s Anna and Zoe share their top tips for car journeys with kids

Are we there yet?

 Make a toybox for the car


Make a toybox for the car

We’ve all been there, you’re cruising along, enjoying the smooth acceleration of your EV, and then a little voice pipes up…

“Are we there yet?”

Zoe and Anna have a great suggestion for keeping the kids occupied and keeping the questions at bay, and all you need to do is think INSIDE the box.

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Before you set off, pop a box in the back with the kids and fill it with 15 different types of entertainment and snacks to keep them occupied and give them choice.

Easy to eat snacks, and their favorite toys are a good idea, as are glass chalk pens, so that kids can draw and write on the windows and it can be easily wiped off later.

I’m hungry

 Packing snacks is key


Packing snacks is key

Because most EV owners charge their vehicle at home, there’s no need to stop en route. Bringing your own snacks and pulling in at a beauty spot on the way to your destination is a great way to break up your journey and stop for a picnic, once covid restrictions allow.

But of course, you can’t always trust the Great British Weather – and this is where the car picnic comes in.

If your lunch is rained off, then just pop the back seats down, lay out a blanket and your lunch and tuck in! Plus, most electric vehicles come with great tech, like heated seats, to keep you nice and cosy.

Tidy up time

 Art supplies could be the key to getting the kids into cleaning


Art supplies could be the key to getting the kids into cleaning

With kids, comes mess, and the back off the car can be left looking pretty grim after a long car journey.

Zoe and Anna suggest that you can get the kids to help out with cleaning the car, in a fun way, which will give you time to focus on the laundry.

Get out their paintbrushes, give them buckets of water and get them to paint the car with water until they’ve covered every inch!

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