Trump attacks Theresa May for ignoring advice on how to secure ‘great Brexit deal’

The US President said in an LBC radio interview he had laid out “exactly how to make the deal” during talks with the former prime minister but she chose not to take his negotiating tactics on board. Today the Republican leader phoned his close friend Nigel Farage on his LBC radio programme for a chat hours after the US House of Representatives voted to formalise an impeachment inquiry against him. When the host and Brexit Party leader quizzed him on his relationship with Boris Johnson’s predecessor, which at times appeared frosty, Mr Trump said he liked Mrs May but did not see eye to eye with her on some issues. 

He said: “Well, I liked her very much. I disagreed with certain things that she did but I like her, she was always very nice to me, I was nice to her. 

“And we really got along very well at the end but I did not agree with her on certain things. 

“I told her exactly how to make the deal and she didn’t listen to me and that’s okay. Not everybody listens to me, some people do. 

“She could have made a great deal.” 

Mr Trump’s disapproval of Mrs May’s approach to Brexit has long been known and in July he blamed her for orchestrating the “mess” the UK had found itself in as the Parliamentary deadlock continued. 

Last year he told her to sue the bloc during talks while he visited the UK with the First Lady, Melania Trump. 

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In his conversation with Mr Farage today, the day on which the UK should have left the EU, the president said Britain “needed” Mr Johnson as its leader. 

He declared: “It was time for Boris.” 

He said he wanted to see Mr Farage and Mr Johnson unite for the better of the country, calling them “two brilliant people”. 

Mr Trump said said he and his British counterpart enjoy a “great friendship” and called Mr Johnson “a terrific guy”. 

He told Mr Farage: “I’d like to see you and Boris get together because you would really have some numbers because you did fantastically in the last election. 

“And he respects you a lot, I can tell you that, he respects you a lot.” 

The former UKIP leader said he would be “right behind” Mr Johnson if he agreed to drop the deal and pledge to fight for a future without “political interference” from Europe. 


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