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Tricks and Treats: 18 Horror Movies, Video Games and TV Shows Debuting in the Final Week of October! – Bloody Disgusting

You may not be able to go out trick or treating this year, but there’s plenty of treats heading your way regardless. Just order some candy online and sit back and enjoy this kooky cavalcade of scary movies, TV shows and games!

You know who’s got nards? Wolfman’s Got Nards, and it’s that very astute observation from the 1987 cult classic The Monster Squad that gives an all-new documentary its name! The film that celebrates the fandom that made Fred Dekker’s horror comedy an enduring sensation hits VOD on October 27. In their review at Bloody-Disgusting, Patrick Bromley declared that “as fan docs go, it’s heavy on the ‘fan’ and light on the ‘doc,’ but that’s okay.”

There are more VOD premieres on October 27, so buckle up! Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula finally premieres on VOD, after a brief theatrical run earlier this year, along with Toys of Terror, about a bunch of old Christmas toys that turn murderous over the holidays! The film hails from Stan Against Evil creator Dana Gould and director Nicholas Verso, and premieres on Digital HD before a scheduled DVD/Blu-ray release in January.

‘The Craft: Legacy’

You may have been told to “Watch out for those weirdos,” but there’s a whole new coven of strange and supernatural teens in The Craft: Legacy! The sequel/reboot of the iconic 1996 horror classic arrives on PVOD on October 28 from director Zoe Lister-Jones (Band-Aid) and features a new group of outsiders who turn to witchcraft for empowerment and wrestle with the consequences.

Meanwhile, over on Netflix, October 28 also sees the release of Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight, a new film which may very well be the first Polish slasher movie, about a group of tech-addicted teens who fall prey to a killer in the middle of a retreat from the modern world!

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If you liked the horror anthology series Creepshow you’d better not miss A Creepshow Animated Special on October 29! The Shudder Exclusive features two new tales of terror adapted from the works of Stephen King and Joe Hill, directed by Greg Nicotero, with the voice talents of Kiefer Sutherland and Joey King, and should help fill the void between Season 1 and Season 2 of the popular new show.

‘A Creepshow Animated Special’

Also on Shudder on October 29 you can find May the Devil Take You Too, the sequel to Timo Tjahjanto’s acclaimed supernatural hit May the Devil Take You. The follow-up finds the survivors of the demonic massacre struggling to put their lives back together when a kidnapping leads to another battle against the forces of darkness. In their review at Bloody-Disgusting, Meagan Navarro calls it “absolute demonic chaos that delivers buckets of blood and unnerving moments of possession.”

Meanwhile, October 29 also sees the debut of the new streaming film Crimson, a supernatural thriller arriving exclusively on the new platform! The film stars Brian Awadis from the popular YouTubers FaZe Rug, who moves into a new smart house and discovers that his new neighbors are sinister as all get-out. Gregory Plotkin (Hell Fest) directs!

But as big as the rest of this week is for horror, nothing compares to October 30, which features so many creepy new releases that you probably wouldn’t even have time to watch them all before Halloween!

“Truth Seekers”

You might want to set your DVRs to the Travel Channel, because that’s where The Osbournes are making their return to the airwaves with an all-new Halloween special. The Osbournes: Night of Terror finds the lead singer of Black Sabbath and his famed family visiting the allegedly haunted Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles. Whether or not they’ll make it out alive is… actually that’s pretty much a certainty but it’s supposed to be a travel show, not a slasher movie!

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Meanwhile, over on Amazon Prime, the new horror-comedy series Truth Seekers debuts on October 30! The latest show from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg stars Frost as a YouTuber who hunts for ghosts and, surprisingly, finds a lot of them. In their review at Bloody-Disgusting, Daniel Kurland called the series “the perfect, lighthearted horror distraction for the Halloween season.”

‘The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope’

In the realm of video games, October 30 brings the debut of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope from Supermassive Games. The latest in their series of interactive horror movies, after Until Dawn and Man of Medan, tells the story of a group of college students whose bus crashes, stranding them in a ghostly town that’s reliving the persecution of witches from colonial times. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope arrives on PC, PS4 and XBox.

Netflix has two new horror movies debuting on October 30, including His House, a new supernatural thriller from director Remi Weekes about Sudanese refugees in England, who discover that their new home is haunted. However, due to immigration laws, they are not allowed to leave the house. Also on Netflix on October 30 is Santiago Alvarado’s Menendez: The Day of the Lord, about a Mexican priest pulled out of retirement to perform an exorcism on a friend’s daughter.

‘Come Play’

If you’re willing to go theaters or able to get to a drive-in, you can see the new horror thriller Come Play on October 28. The film stars Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr. as the parents of an autistic child who makes a new friend on the internet… a monster who wants to break into our world.

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In the realm of VOD, October 30 brings with it Spell, a new supernatural thriller starring Omari Hardwick as a plane crash survivor trapped in a house with the Boogity, a monster made from his own flesh and blood, and a mysterious woman with disturbing and magical plans. There’s also The Devil’s Doorway, a found footage supernatural film about which Bloody-Disgusting’s Patrick Bromley said “all of it works the way it’s intended to work, provided you’re not too quickly reminded of a dozen other movies that have covered the same ground.”

‘Attack of the Demons’

There’s one more film debuting on October 30, the animated Attack of the Demons, about a demonic cult which plans to unleash hell in the midst of a musical festival. The film opens in virtual cinemas October 30 before heading to VOD on November 3. In their review at Bloody-Disgusting, Meagan Navarro said the “painstaking animation is a marvel.”

And finally, a little late for the holiday, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXI debuts on November 1 after being delayed earlier this month because of – what else? – sports.

That’s it for the scary stories this Halloween, but horror never dies. Heck, it doesn’t even sleep. November will bring with it a lot more frights and we’ll preview those next week!


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