Trend: The Return of Millennial Pink in Menswear

Trend: The Return of Millennial Pink in Menswear

Colors are always coming in and out of trend to the point where we’ve
seen specific shades come back to popularity. One hue in particular
dominated arrivals for many seasons and it’s now back on trend. And yes,
it’s millennial pink again. So here are four reasons why retailers can’t
get enough of pink backed with data.

1. It’s back on the runway

The rise in pink has been prevalent within designer collections over the
last three seasons. This is encouraging evidence to back up its staying
power. Along with this growth, the most recent sping/summer 2020 season saw
Louis Vuitton, with influential Virgil Abloh at the helm, put pink back on
the map. Bubblegum hues and softer shades dominated, but pops of fuchsia
were not to go unnoticed. Seen across all categories, and as far as
favorites go, outerwear was of particular note with transitional styles
including bombers and lightweight field jackets.
Trend: The Return of Millennial Pink in Menswear

2. A clear rise in investments

New in products dropped quite dramatically moving from spring/summer
2018 to fall/winter 2018/2019 – 10 percent more compared to the end of
spring/summer 2017. A decline in popularity across a variety of channels
led to fewer retailers investing for fall/winter 2018 and early
spring/summer 2019. However, thanks to external social influences,
including the rise of tie-dye and celeb backing, retailers responded by
ramping up investments to capitalize on the trend. In turn we’ve also seen
a drop in the proportion of products discounted. Currently, spring/summer
2019 pink arrivals have fewer products discounted at a lower average
compared to red, green, yellow and orange.

3. High SKU activity

Millennial pink is by no means a newcomer this season. In fact, the
shade is finding successful SKU activity with silhouettes from hoodies to
denim truckers. Zara interpreted the shade into one of its basic T-shirt
silhouettes while fast-fashion retailer boohoo opted for a hoodie with
sleeve-taping that was also successful.

4. The resurgence of nostalgia

Nostalgic and 90s looks have increased in popularity over the past few
seasons with trends ranging from fanny packs to cargo pants reappearing.
Seen at Stella McCartney and Prada, tie-dye, is another throwback trend
exploding in the market. The hippy print has found massive success this
Spring on long-sleeve shirts and tees. Millennial pink has transcended from
today’s tie-dye stories and into retailers’ social media pushes and top
moving products. From pastels at ASOS to animal prints at Forever 21,
co-ords are another 90s trend achieving sell outs in millennial pink
shades. Fitting right in with festival edits, the color continues to
showcase its staying power.

This article was written for FashionUnited by EDITED. EDITED is
the leader and industry-standard for real-time retail analytics, where the
software leverages artificial intelligence to track and reveal insights on
competitor product ranges, pricing, discounting and trends across the
global retail landscape. The software is used by buyers, planners and
trading teams to generate a huge competitive advantage.

Homepage photo: Louis Vuitton menswear, spring / summer 2020,
Catwalk Pictures


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