By Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley

In the General Election last month, some of those voters decided enough was enough and bravely defied habit and history to vote Conservative for the first time.  I believe this was partly to do with Brexit but also because of the deeply unpopular political stance of Jeremy Corbyn.

When it came to a choice between those who wholeheartedly sung “The Red Flag” and those who offered a “Land of Hope and Glory” many traditional Labour voters chose the latter.

The most important thing to do – which is now thankfully well under way – is to deliver a proper and successful Brexit in a way that was prevented by the previous Parliament.

Some might think that the best way for the Conservative Party to keep these former Labour voters is to sound a bit more like the Labour Party and tack to the left. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Conservative Party must take advantage of this cutting of the Socialist nanny state apron strings and immediately introduce some Conservative policies.

Many of these people are right of centre in outlook and only voted Labour for historical reasons and as a result of a misguided class warfare.

They did not vote Labour through any kind of belief in Labour Party policies.

Their views on many things such as crime, welfare dependency and immigration are actually very much in tune with Conservative philosophy.

The last thing we should do is try to mimick the very thing these voters have just turned their back on.

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We must show Conservative principles in action and how these align with these voters’ actual thinking so that they do not return to their former dogged support for a Labour Party that actually offers the opposite of what they want and need.

The Conservative Party’s belief in a smaller but more effective state will provide better solutions to problems and a better life for people – not least by ensuring they keep more of their own money to spend on their personal priorities and not the priorities of a bloated, interfering, all encompassing, politically correct, Socialist nanny state.

Despite historically voting Labour, many of these voters are aspirational and they need to see a Conservative Government rewarding them and their families for working hard and doing the right thing.

An absolute priority for this Government must be to crack down on the crime that blights people’s lives.

The Conservative Party was always the party of law and order and yet recent successive leaders have failed to seize this all-important essential ingredient of Conservatism.

Getting more police as promised is a great start – albeit a shame it was even necessary in the first place.

Then we need to get much tougher on those who commit crimes at every level and we must stop treating criminals as if they are somehow the victims.

Stiffer prison sentences and ending early release would be a great way of showing these new blue collar Conservative voters we are on their side and on their wavelength.

The Labour Party have abandoned the working classes they were formed to represent. Instead they have become a trendy, left-wing, metropolitan, London-centric, middle class, politically correct cult.

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Many working class voters now realise that it is blue collar Conservative values that best represent them and reflect their values.

Corbyn’s socialist nightmare would have destroyed our great country, and we now have a chance to stop socialism for the foreseeable future.

We must not make the politically fatal mistake of trying to be like Labour.

We need to show the voters who have put their trust in us this time – for the first time – that Conservatism is actually their natural home.

Many in the Labour Party think that post-Brexit these voters will return their votes to them.

If the Conservative Party does the right things and stays true to blue collar Conservative values – and particularly whilst ever the Labour Party continues to ignore them – I think these voters could become Conservatives for good.



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