Topshop customers not put off by Arcadia’s woes, yet

Topshop customers not put off by Arcadia’s woes, yet

The headlines concerning Arcadia’s uncertain retail future, its recent
store closures, a 500 million pound deficit and founder Sir Philip Green’s
reputation in tatters has not impacted shoppers of its flagship brand. Or
at least not yet.

Topshop appears to not yet be affected as consumer perception, according to
YouGov data, remains largely positive. An article in London freesheet City
AM pointed out Green’s reputation score in 2016 at the height of the BHS
pension scandal fell just 1.2 points.

“Consideration scores (whether someone would consider purchasing from the
brand in future) among current customers increased from +60.4 to +86.7,
suggesting consumers registered the negative press but, far from boycotting
the shop, it seems the publicity was making them think about buying.”

Current positive opinion of Topshop stands at 37 percent, whereas negative
opinion scores 18 percent. As a retail brand, Topshop is the 42nd most
popular fashion and clothing brand and the 8th most famous in the UK,
described by fans as stylish, modern and trendy.

While the negative press has not yet dented sales, it does filter through
to opinion and perhaps ultimately buying behaviour.

Photo credit: Eastgate Topshop, source: Wikimedia Commons license


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