Top Tips to Modernise Your Home

Top Tips to Modernise Your Home

After a year at home, many are looking for new ways to refresh their space and increase their property’s value. You can modernise your home with simple, affordable upgrades or with a complete renovation. Whether you are on a small or large budget, there is always a way to make your home feel cosy and modern.

There are various new interior trends at the moment. New gadgets, minimalist storage and Japandi, styled interiors are hitting the property market at an increasing rate. Here is how you can introduce these recent trends into your home and, potentially, make your home more of a smart property.

Bring Back the Original Features

In the 70s and 80s, many property owners ripped out original fireplaces and cornicing to fit with the interior trends of the time. However, these original features are beautiful when properly maintained and should be re-integrated if possible.

Hire a professional to install a period fireplace or remove back the layers of plaster, wallpaper and paint to find your original cornicing. If you don’t want an open fire, you could place a few candles, fairy lights and plants in the fireplace for a cosy setting.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart heating can save you time, money and effort. Install a smart thermostat in your home so you can control the heating even when you’re out and about. You can make your space warm for when you get home and save money on hefty heating bills. Install underfloor heating to keep your hardwood floors toasty warm throughout the day.

You could also use smart LED light bulbs to save energy and change the colour of the light according to the atmosphere of the home.

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 Fresh Lick of Paint

The easiest and cheapest way to refresh your home is to paint it. Consider giving it a fresh lick of paint in a rich navy or fresh neutral colour if you have a wooden kitchen. You could also replace the kitchen appliances to match the new kitchen tones.

If you are modernising your home for selling purposes, you need to tidy up the front of your home. Give the front door a fresh lick of paint, if it’s wooden – or replace it entirely. You should also tidy up the garden, by trimming any weeds and removing rubbish.

Renovating your home can be an expensive and stressful activity. Try smaller renovations before investing in a new kitchen or whole set of windows. A fresh lick of paint and tidy up can make your home feel cleaner and more modern instantly.

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