Top Fashion Influencer: Eleanor Medhurst – lesbian fashion historian

Eleanor (She/Her) is a lesbian fashion historian with an academic background in History of Design and Material Culture.

She is mostly active on Instagram and TikTok as well as her blog, “Dressing Dykes”.

In the fields of queer and fashion history she believes that lesbian fashion is either sidelined or completely invisible – Dressing Dykes was created to be a space where it is prioritised.

Eleanor about creating Dressing Dykes

On there she analyses and talks not just about lesbian & queer fashion history but also about lesbianism as a leitmotif in pop culture.

Whilst Eleanor’s personal Instagram is full of bright clothes that could be the perfect inspiration for someone that wants to bring more colour into their wardrobe, the rest of her content sheds light on historical moments and movements that a lot of people otherwise would not have known about. To many it is just a piece of information, to others it can be a freeing moment.

Wow, seeing the Dutch word on there is actually so cool and healing because my so called best friend in high school used to call me a “pot” before I even thought about my sexuality, let alone realising I’m a lesbian.

n0cturnal.alien’s comment on Instagram on dressingdykes’ post about the Lesbian herstory Archives

If you are interested in lesbian and queer fashion history, Eleanor’s content will help you gain knowledge in an accessible way. Even if this topic was not on your radar before, it is worth looking into!


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