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When the first home consoles were launched, video games were relatively tricky due to technical limitations and the skill of the creators. Over time, games have become more accessible, thanks to in-game tutorials and the ability to choose your level of difficulty. Then there are those games that have challenged us all with many rage moments and proving to be the most difficult video games ever made!

With advances in technology, games have improved graphics, audio, and narrative while still being challenging. This new technology has also seen the launch of online gaming in a different venue with those new to learning how to play baccarat, for example, and other popular card games that are a fun experience. Switching gears to one of the more challenging games, God Hand is responsible for introducing many gamers who like a challenge. That leads a person to wonder what are some of the most difficult games to play? Here are our top 5 picks that require great skill, dexterity, and determination.

5) Cuphead


StudioMDHR’s 1930s-style run-and-gun shooter Cuphead looks like it should be easy. However, the game is far from easy, mixing the run-and-gun elements with profoundly difficult boss encounters. The tutorials are easy to follow, but even the first several levels in this game will test even the most competent players, particularly if they have not chosen the easy mode. The game also has an unconventional structure, meaning that while there are occasional standard run-and-gun segments, horizontal shooting stretches, and the odd unique bonus rounds, the game is a furious succession of one-on-one or one-on-dozens battles.

4) Nioh

Nioh Game

This is another game of grueling combat and difficult boss encounters, but unlike the Dark Souls games, Nioh has a more offensive style of combat. Players can seamlessly transition between different stances in battle, which affects the damage created. The higher the stance, the more damage but less speed.  Understanding the enemy and choosing the time to transition between poses is what makes or breaks any encounter. The boss encounters are extremely difficult, even for experienced players, since there is only a tiny window of opportunity to strike.

3) God Hand

God Hand

Launched in 2006, the unusual controls and cast of characters are what help to make this one of the most difficult fight-focused games to play. Considered a classic, even the easy mode will see gamers break out in a sweat as every one of the game’s enemies can cause significant damage if the player is not quick with a right-stick flick. The game will make you laugh and curse because of the innovations which remain valid by today’s standards and the need for extreme dexterity.

2) Bloodborne / Dark Souls


FromSoftware is famous for its notoriously difficult games, challenging from start to finish. The games include Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls series, and Bloodborne, where players learn the game from their deaths. Each time you die in one of the games, which include the later Sekiro listed separately below, the player has to retrace their steps which can be a slog, and again fight back to the enemy that you beat, only you have to try to do so again. The fight is difficult to master but is the basis of these games. Eventually, players learn enemy attack patterns since they learn more each time they die. After literally hundreds of inevitable deaths, players stand a fighting chance there is no question that these two games are just examples of the most difficult video games out there.

1) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is different from previous games developed by FromSoftware, though the mechanics of Sekiro are familiar, and the look is similar to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Sekiro is still a dark game, full of blood and hostile environments. Still, these are inspired by Japanese feudal history and samurai movies rather than the medieval and Euro-horror flair of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.


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