Top 5 Films and TV Shows Featuring Baccarat

Top 5 Films and TV Shows Featuring Baccarat

Welcome to the casino and be ready to place your bets. In this article, we will be taking a look at the casino game baccarat, which originally came from gambling saloons in Italy and France. In recent years there has been an increase in baccarat players worldwide. There was a stat on Forbes last year that in Macau’s 40 casinos made more than 88% of their money from baccarat, which shows that whether it is online baccarat or in an actual casino, there is a clear enjoyment for this game.

You will need to place your bets on the player’s or banker’s cards to play baccarat. The dealer will then deal two cards for both sides. The aim of baccarat is to ensure your bet is on the hand that is closer to nine.

The film and TV industry is no stranger to enjoying the game of baccarat. There are films and TV shows that enjoy a game or two of baccarat. In this list, we will be detailing five occasions in which characters in films and television shows enjoy a game of baccarat.

Dr No (1962)

The first of two James Bond films on our list is by far the oldest movie on our list. Bond is a keen casino table game player in a multitude of his movies, and in Dr No he enters the world of baccarat and in this film Bond plays an old version of the game known as chemin-de-fer. Bond uses his spy skills to maintain his cool both in the field and in the casino as well.

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GoldenEye (1995)

The first of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond movies. Coming out in 1995, it saw Bond return to the baccarat table for the first time in over 30 years. Despite the threat of a nuclear weapon being in play, did not stop 007 from sitting at the baccarat table for a game or two.

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

The third in the buddy cop comedy starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Set in Paris, the pair is tasked with finding the elusive shy shen with the names of the Chinese Triad leaders on it. It turns out this list is tattoed on the back of the head of Tucker’s love interest Genevieve. Baccarat features in the film and is hilariously called baccarack in the movie, which fits the film’s tone brilliantly. Tucker plays baccarat to impress Genevieve. However, this does not work out as Tucker loses the game. This shows that even the heroes in movies don’t always win.

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

Only missing out on the oldest movie on the list by two years, but this film is regarded as one of the most iconic films of that decade and is centred around one of the world’s biggest bands, The Beatles. The game of baccarat features in the film when a grandad takes on a game. This film talks about baccarat in great detail which we are sure will give lovers of the game a scene to remember.

Fleming (2014) S1 E2

We have managed to sneak in one more James Bond reference into this list, but this tv show looks into the 007 creator, Ian Fleming, and his early life within war-torn London during the second world war. The creator of Bond does enjoy a baccarat game, and this programme delves into this. Fleming has quite a high stakes game of baccarat as he encounters a Nazi officer at the baccarat table. Unfortunately, Fleming lost his money to the Nazi officer.

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