Top 4 US Halloween Festivals You Must Know About

Top  4 US Halloween Festivals You Must Know About

Halloween is just around the corner, and your spirits should be up. It is time for a holiday finally and taking a break from the everyday hustle-bustle. It is the time to enjoy, trick, and treat and attend some spooky Halloween parties. A lot of Halloween festivals are also organized for your leisure. You can attend these too if interested. The most exciting ones have been given here.

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Festival of the dead, Salem, Massachusetts

Witches and Halloween go hand in hand. So, it is only fair that there is a festival dedicated to witchcraft and sorcery. Salem is famous for its dreadful witch trials. The festival intends to investigate death’s mysteries. Events are held, which take a sneak peek into the lives of people who have closely studied and, in some way, have a close connection with it.

Some popular events are the Witchcraft Expo, The Annual Psychic Fair and, The Mourning Tea. In the Mourning Tea, people form a group and tell each other tales of their dearest ones. In the official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball, guests enjoy a taste of the afterlife with delicious food, dancing, games with prizes, bizarre rituals, and live music.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Long Beach, California

Queen Mary is a cruise ship that is present at Long Beach. It is often called the most haunted place in the entire world. That makes it a top contender for Halloween celebrations.

If you go to Dark Harbor, you will be able to navigate your way through six frightening mazes that hold more than two hundred ghosts and spirits that take their inspiration from the actual monsters of Queen Mary. You can also take advantage of live entertainment, snacks that are offered on the ship. To learn more about such spooky festivals, you should check out Betway.

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Pumpkin Walk At the Arboretum at Flagstaff, Arizona

The word Halloween automatically conjures up the image of a pumpkin for many. If you are interested in attending a festival with your family, then this is the one you should be going for. Entertain yourself with a long walk in the Arboretum garden surrounded by glowing Jack-O-Lanterns.

So, get into your Halloween costume and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee. There are a lot of fun games too. For example, you can try out your hand at apple bobbing or even submit a self-carved pumpkin to receive a prize. You can even deposit your pumpkin in the daytime and then witness it at night with many others lined up along the garden. It is primarily an exciting affair for kids when they find the pumpkin carved by them on the walk.

Village Halloween Parade, New York City, New York

To say that this celebration is crazy would be an understatement. The entire area of Lower Manhattan is shut down, and the festivities begin. The parade is open to all, and the march is delightful. The fun increases manifold if you are in a costume. You can also watch the giant puppets that are made explicitly for the parade.

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