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2020 is at our doorsteps, but before we officially say goodbye to the last decade, let’s reflect on ten of the best horror video games from the previous ten years.

This decade was a fantastic time for video games. We sen the release of new consoles, witnessed the rise of both Twitch and Mixer, tuned in to The Game Awards, cheered on our favorite Esports teams, and of course, played tons of video games.

As video gamers, we were fortunate these last ten years. I can only imagine where the next decade will take us. However, before we move on and say goodbye to the 2010s, let’s take a second to reflect on some of the scariest, most entertaining, best story-telling, and just overall best horror video games that came out in the 2010s.

Honorable Mentions

Creating a “top ten horror video games of the decade” list was both enjoyable and stressful. In this decade, a time where horror continues to grow in popularity, we have definitely played way more than ten list-worthy horror video games.

To shine more light on some of these genuinely phenomenal video games, I included a quick list of honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the top ten.

  • Dead Space 2 (2011)
  • Bioshock 2 (2010)
  • Outlast (2013)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s (2014)
  • Little Nightmares (2017)
  • Alice: Madness Returns (2011)
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)
  • Alien: Isolation (2014)


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