Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox win Halloween with epic Marvel bait and switch

Actual gods of mischief (Picture: Getty)

Marvel stars Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox played an epic bait and switch on Wednesday as they each dressed up as the other’s superhero.

Tom, who found fame in The Aveners as Loki, decided to dress as Charlie’s Daredevil, while Charlie was dressed as the God of Mischief himself, Loki.

The pair were pictured backstage at the end of their performance of Betrayal on Broadway, as the cast went out to celebrate Halloween.

Their co-star Zawe Ashton and Eddie Arnold also got in on the fun by dressing up as Captain Marvel and Captain America respectively, and the group then surprised fans by leaving the stage door and signing autographs and taking selfies in their costumes.

You fooled us! (Picture: Getty)
The pair are starring together on Broadway (Picture: Getty)

Tom’s version of Loki has, for the time being, left the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he was killed in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, the character will live on in the Disney+ Loki spin-off series which is expected to start filming at the beginning of next year.

Eddie Arnold joined them as Cap (Picture: Getty)
Zawe Ashton was a convincing Captain Marvel (Picture: Getty)
The group surprised fans by signing autographs and taking selfies in their costumes (Picture: Getty)

Tom will be returning to his green suit for a new show that will focus solely on the God Of Mischief; it was announced as part of a seriously impressive line-up for Marvel which was showcased at San Diego Comic Con in July.

Speaking about his new show to Entertainment Weekly, he said: ‘Loki will start at the top of next year.

‘He’s such a classical character. [Thor and Loki], they’re from Norse myths – they have a kind of gravitas to them.’

While the team behind the show are keeping everything very much under wraps, it appears that Loki will be travelling through time and wreaking havoc on key moments in history – and the time travel business allows them to very cleverly ignore his fate from the movies.

Deliberately influencing things to occur or changing their outcomes, it seems that the troublesome brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will be up to his old tricks in no time.

We can’t wait.

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