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Tom Cruise WALKED to Jubilee event before announcing he'd love to fly plane for Queen

Tom Cruise, 59, confessed that he’d walked through Windsor to the Jubilee event so that he could greet the crowds. He was pictured grinning broadly and waving to amazed onlookers as he made his dramatic appearance, just days before he is due to launch the premiere for the latest Top Gun movie Maverick.

Scientologist Tom spoke irreverently of the Queen‘s “dignity, devotion and kindness” before admitting that he would love to have flown a plane in honour of the event.

“I always wanted to make movies and fly helicopters,” he told the world during his ITV interview screening.

Both childhood ambitions came true, as he has since acquired a PS1 and is now a pilot himself.

He told of how he “wanted to fly an aeroplane in Trafalgar Square” in honour of the woman for whom he has “great respect”.

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Meanwhile Tom, in his position as royalty of the Hollywood world, has extended a gilded invitation to Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to join his Top Gun: Maverick premiere on Thursday.

That is the day that Tom too will get his chance to shine on Thursday as the premiere launches in London’s Leicester Square.

William and Kate are expected to appear on the red carpet and meet the entire cast, including Divergent star Miles Teller.

Hollywood veteran Tom had pulled out the stops for the couple after reportedly discovering that the Prince, as a trained RAF pilot, had loved the original 1989 version of the Top Gun movie.


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