TK Maxx is selling kids Batman PJs that look like they say ‘heroin training’ on them

A little less Batman, a little more Trainspotting (Picture: TK Maxx)

Messaging on clothes and toys can be picked up surprisingly well by our little ones, with them picking up the slogans.

From a children’s book saying afro hair is ‘too fluffy’ to a hugely offensive t-shirt promising to ‘make Down’s Syndrome extinct’ that have hugely upset children and their parents (and rightly so) it all goes into their wee heads.

On the funny end of this spectrum is a PJ set on sale at TK Maxx that might just give some children the wrong idea.

The Batman pyjamas are available for £9.99 and say ‘hero in training’ alongside a picture of the man himself.




There’s just one problem. The spacing isn’t very clear between hero and in, making it look very much like the top says ‘heroin training’.

The mix-up was pointed out on a Facebook group for fans of the Maxx where people share their favourite (and so-bad-they’re-good) finds, with one person saying: ‘Holy mixed messages bat man.’

One commenter wrote: ‘Always get a bigger size as kids these days shoot up so quickly,’ while another joked, ‘Damn, foiled again.’

While we’re not ones to make light of addiction, it does highlight the importance of a little spacing and a quick check before going to the manufacturer.

If you sent your child off to a sleepover with this on there might be some concerned calls home.

Ready the batphone for the worried parents.

We’ve contacted TK Maxx for comment and will update this piece when we hear back.

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