Tired of your cotton bedsheets? This is why you need to change to bamboo bedding


id you know you can be more sustainable when it comes to your sleeping habits? Leading a more eco-friendly life is not just confined to what you have in your wardrobe and reducing your plastic use, it’s also important to consider the materials you buy and how you use in the rest of your life too. And believe it or not, that can be your bedsheets too.

Take a look at your current bedding, and it’s most likely going to made from cotton, but there’s plenty of reasons why snuggling up between bamboo covers is far better for the planet, and you too. Enter Panda London, who is leading the way when it comes to bamboo bedding.

The brand’s complete bedding sets contain a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and pillowcases, which come in five neural tones – urban grey, navy, white, pink and quiet grey. If you prefer o mix and max, you can buy each item separately too. Sets range from single right up to emperor in both UK and EU sizing, too.

But why should you make the swap from cotton sheets to bamboo? Read on to find out the top reasons, and you won’t look back once you do.

Bamboo is actually the world’s fastest growing plant. As it can grow up to an incredible 3ft in just one day, it means it’s an incredibly sustainable material for us to use in high quantities, as it can quickly replenish, unlike many other materials such as hard woods.

It uses much less water than cotton

In order to produce bamboo to use in the way we do, whether that’s for wonderfully soft sheets like Panda London’s, socks or kitchen utensils, bamboo only needs around a third of the amount of water that other materials need to grow.

Do not be fooled into thinking that bamboo – which can often be sharp and scratchy to the touch when it’s growing in the wild – is not a good material to sleep on. It’s incredibly soft, and is twice as soft as cotton. It even has a silky-like feel to it thanks to Panda London’s 320 thread-count (which is equivalent to a 1,200 cotton-thread count), so it even compares to Egyptian cotton. Although, thankfully, it doesn’t have quite the same hefty price tag.

Panda London’s 320 thread-count is equivalent to a 1,200 cotton-thread count, making it super soft

/ Panda London

Cotton towels and bedding are known for becoming stiff and cardboard-like the more they’re washed, and end up losing their fluffy softness. While bamboo materials actually become softer after each machine wash, meaning they’ll last you much longer too.

It keeps you cool and warm

For hot, or cold, sleepers, bamboo is also a great choice of material for your bedding as – just like linen – it’s a naturally temperature regulating material. In the winter, or anytime you’re cold, it helps to keep body heat in, while when you’re hot, it’s breathable and allows you to cool down.

If you, or anyone in your family, suffers with eczema or allergies, this is a great alternative that won’t irritate skin. Bamboo is also a naturally antibacterial material so micro-organisms and parasites such as dust mites and bed bugs can’t live in there.

Panda London

Panda London’s eco-credentials

Panda London really goes above and beyond when it comes to hiking about the environment. Firstly, it uses natural dyes which are all Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified. Secondly, as bamboo bedding is best dried on the line, it cuts out unnecessary energy used in tumble drying, and these sheets only need to be washed at a low temperature too, plus there’s no need to fabric softener either as the sheets just get softer with time.

Thirdly, unlike most bedding sets, Panda London’s is 100 per cent plastic free, and even the buttons are hand crafted from raw bamboo. Panda London is also vegan friendly, where no animals are involved in the growing, harvesting or producing of the bamboo and it protects animals and their natural habitats by sourcing bamboo from FSC approved forests. Learn more about Panda London’s eco-credentials in its Environmental Policy.

Lastly, if you really need any more convincing, you can trial them for 30 nights for free, so you can sleep soundly.


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