Tips for Making the Most out of Your Peugeot

Tips for Making the Most out of Your Peugeot

For most of us, having a car is the freedom to travel as often as you want. Being able to roll out of bed ten minutes later and get to work on time without worrying about late public transport or missing the bus is something we all take for granted. Here’s our top tips for keeping your car in perfect condition and avoiding unnecessary breakdowns!

Regularly Service Your Car

Treat your car like you would yourself! If something doesn’t sound right or your car isn’t driving like it normally does, take it to a Peugeot servicing branch to be checked over.

Ignoring a problem, no matter how small it might be, could become a costly issue later down the line. Something that could have been rectified quickly and cheaply can turn into a big problem if not treated and could end up costing you much more than you originally bargained for. Not to mention, the safety of your car is compromised when not all components are working correctly.

Make sure you book in for MOTs regularly and on time, taking care of your car and how you drive in between check-ups.

Fill up with the Right Petrol, At a Reputable Petrol Station

Make sure you’re using the right type of fuel for your car. This will avoid you feeding unwanted fuels into your car and causing damage to the mechanics. Also make sure that you’re buying your fuel from a reputable source as some gas stations don’t regularly maintain their pumps, meaning that you could be pumping old, filthy residue into your car and allowing it to be pumped around the vehicle to clog up the pipes.

Avoid Hefty Keyrings

It sounds silly but the weight of your keys and keyrings can affect the performance of the ignition in your car. If your keys are weighed down by trinkets and key chains this weight will tug on the ignition, causing it to wear out faster than it would if the downwards motion of the keys jangling back and forth whilst driving weren’t there.

Research the Best Car Insurance Companies

Don’t just settle for the first insurance company you come across. You’ll want to meticulously research and compare the best companies with the best rates. Some companies don’t cover you for certain damages, so it’s worth knowing what these are beforehand as if your insurer won’t cover the cost of the repairs, it could become so expensive that it might be more cost-effective to just scrap the vehicle and buying another.

If your car is your baby and you plan on taking care of it for a long while, thoroughly research potential insurers and call around to get a few quotes before deciding on the right one.

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