Tips for Decorating a Wedding on a Budget

Tips for Decorating a Wedding on a Budget

Consider using some of these expert tips from Lisa of Just Bespoke to completely transform your wedding from extremely dull to dazzling without having to spend too much.

1. Do the Research

While it may be tempting to go ahead and dive right in without doing your due diligence, you want to avoid this. Try to do the necessary research needed to ensure you can find the right style that compliments your desired wedding. Consider reading Wedding Ideas to get the inspiration you need and create a scrapbook that you can use during the shopping process.

2. Have a Budget

Come up with a budget and work your best to avoid going over it. A lot of the things that you may be spending big on won’t have any use after the wedding. Because of this, you may want to consider renting these things rather than buying them. These items can include vases, lanterns, and even tableware.

3. Color Scheme

You will want to try to come up with a set of colors that you will be sticking to when you are styling your wedding. After all, you want to get a seamless look. You don’t want to have a bunch of clashing colors. Rather, you want colors that mesh well together. This will give you a good ability to find the ideal accent color to go with for your wedding.

4. Venue Features

You want to consider whether or not you can utilize the different features that are accessible at your venue of choice. For instance, it may have a fireplace that can be decorated.

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5. Flowers

You don’t have to rely solely on having large and extravagant floral centerpieces to get the most out of your space. You could always consider decorating other areas including large chandeliers and even archways.

6. Blank Canvas

You will find that blank canvases happen to be very easy to work with. After all, they can be transformed into anything. That being said, you are likely going to be paying for the versatility. Thus, to minimize the cost associated with it, you may want to add some key elements to get more transformation of the space. Take a look at wedding decoration hire Glasgow for stunning decor on a budget.

7. Light It Up

Believe it or not, but by using strategy and finding key locations of lighters, you should be able to highlight specific features and completely transform the look and feel of your place.

8. Off the Wall

While vertical structures may not stand out as being incredibly interesting, you should be looking to use them properly. Having access to empty walls can give you a very good backdrop that you can use to place interesting photos or mirrors.

9. Ceiling

When it comes to the ceiling, you should consider various things including hanging paper pom-poms or even vases. This site has some good ideas too. There is plenty you can work with when you are thinking vertically.

10. Keep It Simple

Typically, you want to adhere to the rule of “less is more.” This is generally true when it comes to styling a venue. Ideally, you want to pick a couple of different things that properly mesh with the style you are going with and avoid overcomplicating things.

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