Tipping Point fans fume as brunette beauty sails through to final with wrong answers

Fans of ITV’s Tipping Point couldn’t believe a contestant’s luck after she appeared to sail through to the final round despite not answering many questions correctly.

Cara came on the show with bags of confidence and managed to beat her rivals at the final hurdle – leaving presenter Ben Shephard and viewers at home rather stunned.

But due to the fact that Cara only had a few questions answered correctly, fans couldn’t help but rush to Twitter to share their thoughts on the player.

One viewer wrote: “This girl should do the lottery, she’s got the luck of the devil.”

Fans couldn't believe Cara's luck
Fans couldn’t believe Cara’s luck

Another said: “How the f**k has she made the final?”

A third surprised fan penned: That’s the game sometimes. Blagged her way into the final with £1100 on her first drop in the first round, then her luck ran out at the end.”

“Cara couldn’t have deserved this less. Pure luck and everyone else’s hard work,” another annoyed viewer wrote.

During her head-to-head round with a contestant named Richie, Cara shocked fans when she gave a rather unusual answer to quite a hard question.

Viewers were left stunned at the player on Tipping Point
Viewers were left stunned at the player on Tipping Point

Ben asked the players: “What is the name of Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting that portrays customers in a downtown diner late at night.”

Though Richie got the question wrong, Cara said: “I would have said the Last Supper.”

But Cara’s admission lead fans to rush to Twitter once again.

One fan wrote: “Classic answers though. Fleabag. JFK. The Last Supper and Iron. Nothing but pure entertainment.”

“Quality contestants today … we’ve had 51 weeks in February classic which we thought would be the worst answer til Cara said hold my beer… The last supper was painted by Edward hopper in 1954…. Quality,” another chimed.

However, despite her initial lucky ride, Cara did appear to meet some bumps in the road in the final as she struggled to answer any of the questions thrown at her.

But even though she appeared to be a bit wobbly to viewers at home, the brunette stunner still managed to bag herself an incredible £2,450 in the compeition.

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