Tinder boy struck out with the same chat-up line on two girls… who happened to be roommates

Everyone on Tinder loves hiking pics, but they don’t like copy and paste lines (Picture: @asapswivel)

Tinder users will likely know that plenty of wannabe lotharios copy and paste their opening lines, but it’s normally fairly hard to catch them out.

That wasn’t the case for Trenton, however, who was busted when he sent the same chat-up to two girls who lived together.

Sharing on Twitter, the Kansas singleton captioned screenshots of the exchanges with ‘i’m deleting tinder’.

The screencaps showed him using the exact same line on two girls – both about pick up ‘limes’ – and getting the exact same seemingly-positive response.

When he realised they’d both send him the same thing back, he questioned this, and was met with a YouTube link to the popular Vine ‘and they were roommates.

Chat up line one (Picture: @asapswivel)
Chat up line two (Picture: @asapswivel)

To the second girl, he replied ‘Okay not gunna lie the weirdest thing just happened.

‘I haven’t been on Tinder for a few days so I sent that out to a couple of girls and you gave the literal exact response as another girl.

‘Not trying to sound like a player or whatever but I’m tripped out.’

That was when the YouTube link was sent.

It didn’t end there, either, as Trenton’s tweet has now received over 413,000 likes and 73,000 retweets.

Off the back of his new found notoriety, the player has become the playee, and he’s now been receiving chat up ‘limes’ from girls who recognised him on the dating site.

He also managed to get the Snapchat contacts of both the roommates, so perhaps this is the start of the newest hot social media throuple.

Watch this space.

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