TikTok user reveals Jeep ‘Easter egg’ and the Internet can’t cope

A long-lost secret has emerged: that of the Jeep guardians. TikTok users have discovered that every Jeep has an animal carved into a hidden location, and they are on a mission to find theirs.

The animals — called “Easter Eggs” — can be anything from spiders to dinosaurs. Drivers have been finding them concealed in every nook and cranny of the car, inside and out.

It all started when user @jackiefoster40 shared a video on the platform in which he found his spider behind the petrol cap.Since then, the audio from his film has been used as the soundtrack to over a thousand others.

Thanks to TikTok, the unseasonal hunt is on. Jeep owners are sharing their frantic quests to locate their animal on social media. Lockdown just got a whole lot more interesting.


🕷JEEP WAS REALING TRYING TO GET ME.🕷🤦🏼😂 ##fyp ##jeepsoftiktok ##spider

♬ original sound – jackiefoster40


Bruh wut ##fyp

♬ original sound – jackiefoster40


We searched the trackhawk for 30 minutes before I found it in the headlight

♬ original sound – jackiefoster40


Wait for it… sorry it’s dirty😬 ##YoplaitCupRelay ##celebratenurses ##cartooncharacter ##finalsathome

♬ original sound – jackiefoster40

The Easter Egg isn’t a fad designed by Jeep to secure some free viral advertising (if it was, it was marketing genius). The first Easter Egg was found in 1996 on the Wrangler TJ.

They aren’t all unique too, a number of cars will share the same surprise. Nor are they all animals — several TikTokers have found a pair of flip flops embossed on their hoods.

According to Motor Authority, these small icon were the brainchild of designer Michael Santoro, intended to mark the heritage of the brand.


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