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TikTok star apologises after New York City authorities brand subway cereal prank ‘despicable’

TikTok star Josh Popkin was branded ‘despicable’ (Pictures: TikTok/@fckjoshy)

A TikTok star has been branded ‘despicable’ by New York City authorities after dumping a crate full of cereal and milk on the subway.

Josh Popkin, who goes by the username fckjoshy and boasts a following of more than three million, uploaded the video, which he filmed in a subway car amid the coronavirus lockdown.

‘I accidentally dropped a whole tub of cereal on the subway today,’ he narrated in the video. ‘I was like, oh my god, this is the worst day of my life! Not my Fruity Pebbles! Everyone started moving away and filming me.’

He went on to complain that no one had helped him clean up the mess.

‘Someone was like, “I cannot believe this is happening,”‘ he added in the video. ‘I was like, I can’t believe this is happening again.’

Viewers were left unimpressed that essential workers would have to clean up the mess, while New York City Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) wasn’t having any of it.

They tweeted: ‘A new low: Pulling a prank on essential workers in the middle of a global pandemic. And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable.’

According to New York Daily News, police are also investigating the incident.

Josh has since apologised for the TikTok in a YouTube video, explaining: ‘I would like to apologise to the MTA, the essential workers, everyone that I have affected.

‘Everyone who’s watching this video, dislike right now,’ he said. ‘I’m such a f***ing idiot.

‘Trust me, I am experiencing the consequences of all my actions right now.’

Describing himself as ‘not funny’, he went on to add: ‘I honestly thought it would be something to make people laugh and bring joy in this serious time, obviously I was way off the mark.’

He continued: ‘The fact that I even thought that was okay is ridiculous,’ before adding: ‘I deserve to be public enemy number one.

‘I wish you were here right now to slap me in the face.’

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