Budget flights can be a little uncomfortable at the best of times, so spare a thought for these airline passengers.

Two former World’s Strongest Man champions ended up sat next to one another on a flight from London to Scotland.

The picture speaks for itself in just how uncomfortable they were after squeezing into their seats.

Less than impressed: The World’s Strongest Man champions didn’t look too comfortable (Picture: shawstrength/Instagram)
It wasn’t much better for this woman when one of them sat next to her (Picture: shawstrength/Instagram)

Eddie Hall, 2017 champion, and Brian ‘The Beast’ Shaw, four-time winner, are pictured scowling at the camera.

Hall posted the picture on Instagram saying: ‘The check-in ladies sat me and @shawstrength right next to each other on the plane from London to Scotland and no-one on the plane would want to swap seats.

‘Would you swap seats with one of us? I wouldn’t either.’

A second picture shows Shaw sitting next to a woman who is pretty crammed into her own seat as a result.

He wrote: ‘I seem to fit perfectly in this seat. Thankfully this young lady next to me was a good sport… and was in for a fun picture.’

Even when you have a seat to yourself it’s a bit of a squeeze (Picture: shawstrength/Instagram)


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