Throuple welcomes two babies three months apart – one from each woman in the relationship

Jessica (top left), Michelle (top right), and Billy with Jessica’s son Gio (bottom left), Jessica’s daughter Isabella (bottom right), babies Billy Joe and Renai, and a friend (Picture: Caters News Agency)

Billy Perez, 33, has been in a relationship with Michelle Verges, 27, and Jessica Colon, 32, for six years.

They’re now a family with five children, after Jessica and Michelle each welcomed a new baby three months apart.

Billy, Michelle, and Jessica planned to expand their family last year, initially planning for the two women to get pregnant at the same time.

Mum-of-three Jessica gave birth to Reina on 28 January, three months after Michelle welcomed Billy Joe in November 2019.

Michelle, who is a machine operator, said: ‘We bought a house together four years ago and found somewhere to work and build our careers before settling down.

‘In an ideal world we would have fallen pregnant at the same time so then the babies would be kind of like twins but they still look-a-like and they’ll be in the same year at school.

‘We went to all of our appointments together even though she was a little behind my pregnancy.

Jessica (left), Billy, and Michelle (right) (Picture: Caters News Agency)

‘We want the kids to know that they’re all of ours so they will call both of us mum and Billy is obviously their father.

‘Billy was my first child but I consider myself a mother to all of the children in our house as Jessica and Billy, who have been together for 11 years, had kids from previous relationships.

‘Jessica, who is a mail courier, and I are in sync – everything is done quickly as there’s two of us and if I can’t do something, she is there to pick up the slack and vice versa.’

Michelle says she never would have considered being in a throuple before she met Jessica and Billy.

But the trio say their bond is stronger than ever – despite feelings of jealousy at the start of their relationship.

Billy Joe and Reina were born three months apart (Picture: Caters News Agency)

Billy and Jessica were a couple first, then formed a friendship with Michelle. They ‘clicked’ and the pair asked Michelle to be their girlfriend – and she said yes.

‘At the start, Billy, who is a fuel tank driver, would take us out on dates individually and we’d get a bit envious of one another but now we do everything together,’ Michelle said.

‘Jessica and I are really close. We are best friends and Billy is quite jealous of our bond.

‘It is illegal for us all to get married but we would if we could!’

The throuple attracts a lot of attention, but they say their relationship is no different to that of any couple.

‘People find it interesting and automatically assume every day is a sex party,’ says Michelle.

‘Everyone thinks Billy must be living the dream, which I guess he is, but he is also has a lot to deal with as he has two women to understand and please.

‘Being in a throuple isn’t for the weak-minded, you have to drop some of your morals by allowing another person in.

‘It is awesome but we are just like any other couple – we argue about bills and household chores.

‘Billy is a funny, smart man with a good head on his shoulder. You have to be a king to take on two women and five kids!’

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