Thrifty mum uses black-and-white family photos to spruce up boring walls & people can’t believe it’s not chic wallpaper

FEATURE walls can work wonders in an otherwise boring space, with many people opting for a bold colour or print to spruce up a room.

But a thrifty mum has decorated her boring white walls with a selection of family photos and some people reckon it looks like a chic wallpaper design.

Kylie Gromadovski used a selection of matte black and white prints to decorate her wall


Kylie Gromadovski used a selection of matte black and white prints to decorate her wallCredit: Facebook

Kylie Gromadovski started by completely covering one pillar in her living area with black and white snaps and loved it so much she decided to do another.

The monochrome look ties in nicely with her modern neutral colour palette and it seems others agree.

Kylie took to Facebook for advice after contemplating whether or not she should do an additional feature wall.

Posting snaps in the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook group, the Aussie mum wrote: “Sooooo how many photos is too many!??

She has already made two walls and is considering doing more


She has already made two walls and is considering doing moreCredit: Facebook

“I’m thinking of doing the other side of this pillar too (on the pool table side) but this is already my second ‘literal photo wall’ (my lockdown 1.0 project)…. my first one in the corner of my lounge room is about 12mths old. Could I get away with a third!??”

Her post has racked up hundreds of comments from people gushing over the unique design, with many surprised by how good it looks.

Explaining how she pulled off the look, she revealed: “They’re printed with a white border and then stuck hard up against each other with a little double sided tape in each corner.

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“They’re matte prints (and not covered or laminated) because I didn’t want a gloss look. I just wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to dust them every now and then.”

Raving about the chic design, one person wrote: “Omg I absolutely love this.. you can never have to many memories.”

The monochrome looks complements her neutral colour palette


The monochrome looks complements her neutral colour palette Credit: Facebook

And another shared: “I love it. Id leave it exactly as it is. Its like wall paper.”

“The limit does not exist! Your photo wall looks INCREDIBLE,” another chimed in

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: “I love it. It’s like a feature wall to break up the white walls. Great Job!”

And another asked: “Love it how have you done this. Is it wallpaper?”

Many were concerned about the kids ripping them off, but the mum-of-two reassured everyone this wasn’t possible.

She wrote: “My 1yr old LOVES looking at them! They’re too hard for her to rip off because of the double sided tape in each corner (right to the edge)… too hard for little fingers to grab an edge and my 5yr old knows better than to mess with my photos.”

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