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This Twitter Account Is Devoted To Answering A Very Important Question About Video Games: Can You Pet The Dog? – Comic Sands

In 2019, Twitter is always asking the hard hitting questions.

The most recent one examines popular video games and discloses a very important piece of information. A) Is there a pupper in this game? B) Can you pet said pupper?

@CanYouPetTheDog takes screenshots from all games with dogs and very clearly lays out if you can or cannot pet the dogs.

For example, this disappointing truth about Super Mario Odyssey:

And from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild:

Come on, Nintendo. Get it together. You had a whole game about petting dogs.

But then when it comes to some other RPGs (Role Playing Games) and FPSs (First Person Shooters) outside of the Nintendo lexicon, there is more hope.

But honestly, what is the point of putting the pups in the game if you cannot pet them????

Fans agree that being able to pet a dog inside the game makes the game that much better.

Petting dogs is literally good for humans’ health.

And in this virtual day and age, it’s important to have ways to pet dogs inside AND outside cyber-space.

Why dogs are great for your health

Go forth and be virtually healthy.


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