This TikTok beauty hack will revolutionise the way you use eyelash curlers, forever

How many of us can honestly say we use our eyelash curler every day? Whether you prefer voluminous, thick and fluffy lashes, or prefer to prioritise length, curling your lashes should be an essential part of your make up routine. And yet, the process can be so damn fiddly it’s often easier to just whack on some mascara and call it a day.

It turns out however, that the humble eyelash curler has a myriad of uses we just didn’t know about.

Thanks to TikTok user, Krislyn Askew a.k.a @beautypebykrislyn1, we now know at least three new ways you can incorporate your eyelash curler into your make up routine with quick, high-impact results.

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The first eyelash curler hack shown in the TikTok is creating the perfect cut crease. Forget hours of blending (not to mention dousing your face in micellar water and starting again), Krislyn shows how you can achieve the perfect cut crease in a matter of seconds.

Simply apply your base colour to your lids as you would normally. Then hold the arch of your curler against your upper eyelid, or wherever you want your cut crease to be, and dust over it using a small make up brush in your chosen contrasting colour.


According to Krislyn, you can also use your eyelash curler to create the perfect winged eyeliner.

Hold the handle of the curler against your upper cheekbones in the angle you want your eyeliner. Then, using a small eyeliner brush, draw a line using the eyelash curler as a guide.

The final hack Krislyn recommends is using your eyelash curler to perfect your eyebrow arch.

All you need to do is hold the curve of your eyelash curler against where you want your brow arch to be. Then, using a brow pencil, add brush strokes to your eyebrows, using the curler as a guide.

The best part? The time you’ve saved using these brilliant hacks means you’ve got plenty of time leftover to actually curl those eyelashes. No excuses…


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