This powerful new campaign shows the reality of postpartum life, and how women's bodies change after giving birth

Modibodi / Getty Images

“Modibodi aims to normalise conversations and images around women’s bodies and health, be it periods or incontinence – and we’re now doing the same for postpartum life,” continues Kristy.

“We are so proud of the results our photographers have delivered for this campaign, which opens the door wide to celebrate the myriad of unfiltered emotions experienced during postpartum that not enough people get to see or are acknowledged in media and advertising,” Svetlana Zhukova, director of custom solutions at Getty Images, adds.

Parents are invited to post their own postpartum pictures with the hashtag #PostpartumUnfiltered, to take the movement to social media. Modibodi are aware that this mission won’t be easy, as images that are truthful about experiences such as periods and postpartum events have before seen removal, bans and complaints. Kristy sees this as all the more reason to fight for visibility.

Modibodi / Getty Images
Modibodi / Getty Images

“Driving social change for postpartum mums is a challenge, but is incredibly important. Breastfeeding and postpartum bodies are natural, normal and also beautiful. Why should this amazing time in a mum’s life be hidden or shrouded in stigmas,” she says.

“We want women to feel prepared, seen, understood and proud of their postpartum journey – whatever it looks like – by showing unfiltered images which acknowledge the tough times and the triumphs of this significant stage of motherhood.”

Modibodi / Getty Images


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