This Pilates workout could improve your sex life

It’s all about the pelvic floor and core strength. (Picture: Getty)

We all want to be having better sex.

Whether you want to be more adventurous, more athletic, more sensual – or whether you just want more full stop – there is almost always room for improvement when it comes to your sex life.

And why not strive to have the best sex you can possible be having? We’ve already talked about how yoga can help to improve your sexual performance – but Pilates is also an incredible tool to help you spice things up.

Pilates instructor Vanessa Blair, from Gear Hungry, explains how Pilates can help you tone your pelvic floor, strengthen your core and improve your body’s alignment – all factors that can have a big impact on your sex life:


When I state that all exercises, not only Pilates, start with breathing, most people roll their eyes.

However, their mindset changes when I ask them to take a deep breath and then exhale. Nine times out of 10, their chests will rise, their stomach stays centred, and their exhale lasts only three seconds.

Great exercise (and great sex) requires the body to experience optimum oxygen flow that ignites the senses and hugely improves stamina and endurance.

Breathing correctly helps to keep you focused and in the moment. (Picture: Getty)

For your first exercise, take a cross legged position with a cushion under your hips to create space. Sit tall and try not to curl the shoulders over.

Breath through the nose an inhale that is slow and focus on your abdomen. Your belly should rise as the oxygen travels down to your core.

Make your exhale longer than your inhale and watch your belly fall.

Focusing on breathing during sex not only heightens your senses but works to increase stamina.

Many find that their sex is prolonged by altering their breathing and their senses heightened as they are more ‘present’ in the moment.

Focus on the pelvic floor

After the breathing, it is no surprise that our focus turns to the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is at the base of the abdomen and attached to the pelvis.

Many are confused as to whether they are contracting the correct muscles when participating in pelvic floor exercises. I always advise to act as though you need to go to the toilet but choose to hold it in instead. It is these muscles that you need to work in order to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Sit in a comfortable seated position and engage your pelvic floor muscles for up to five seconds at a time. Relax for up to eight seconds and repeat.

This can be completed in rounds of 10 and I suggest practicing this up to three times a day. Always remember to breath and ensure that your shoulders and upper body in general is relaxed.

If you experience pain during sex, then pelvic floor exercises can greatly reduce this.

A stronger pelvic floor can also increase sensation throughout sex and ease any discomfort.

Hip raises

Hip raises are fantastic for Pilates beginners and pros alike.

Lay on your back with your knees bent and your legs shoulder-width apart.

A strong bum will help you with the more athletic sexual positions. (Picture: Getty)

Tuck your shoulders underneath your heart space with your arms by your side and your palms down to the ground. Before you do anything, breath!

Pilates really enforces the concept that your body is your own and everything is connected. Focusing on your breathing presents the opportunity for your mind intelligence to sync with your body intelligence.

After a few moments, engage your core. Image your lower abdominals are contracting to meet your upper abdominals. On a big inhale, raise your hips to engage the glues, hold for three and slowly lower on an exhale.

Hip raises maximise the pelvic floor muscles whilst strengthening the core and glutes. The exercise also works on balance which can hugely pay off in the bedroom.


Pilates strongly improves your concentration and I encourage anyone who is taking my class to acknowledge where their mind goes throughout the session. It is inevitable that it is likely to wander at times, so do not avoid it. Simply acknowledge it and bring it inwards.

An increased concentration span drives focus, and this can work wonders throughout sex.

In order to improve concentration, I often include moves throughout a class that require participants to multitask.

Lay on the floor with your shoulders tucked under your heart space. Engage your core and life your legs three inches above the floor.

Bring your right leg up towards your head whilst your left is still hovering above the floor. Once you have reached as close to your head as possible, slowly release the right leg down and repeat on the left side.

Alternate as appropriate.

The scissor exercise trains the body to support its own weight whilst engaging the core and driving concentration.

All three of these aspects align with the fundamentals of great sex. This exercise also improves balance so positions that were maybe not within your reach can easily be obtained over time.

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