This is the £27 perfume Hailey Bieber wears (and it's by another celeb)

When Hailey Bieber shares details of her beauty regime, we listen, we take stock and we shop. When she revealed the acne-clearing face mask she swears by, we intro’d it into our skincare routines the very next day (it’s Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Clarifying Mask, FYI). When she divulged the secrets to clearing husband Justin Bieber’s complexion? Yep, you guessed it. We copied once more.

So it’s no surprise that we were over the MOON when Hailey revealed her favourite fragrance to the masses. Sure, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’d cost an arm and a leg – but don’t be so quick to make assumptions. In an interview with Sheer Luxe, Hailey has revealed that the exact perfume she likes to wear is actually only £27 (!) and available from

“I really like Ariana Grande’s perfumes,” she told Sheer Luxe. “That’s not a joke – I think they smell amazing.” She went on to describe them as “fun” and “playful”; in lieu of any IRL fun, we’re all about a mood-boosting scent this January.

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Tbh, we’re in total agreement. Ariana’s R.E.M. is feminine, romantic and empowering – and it lasts for *ages*. Blending notes of juicy fig, warm salted caramel, sandalwood, lavender blossom and pear blossom, it’s sweet and musky in equal measures.

What does she like to wear when she feels like being a bit fancier? Ex Nihilo’s Amber Sky eau de parfum is another staple in Hailey’s perfume collection. Coming in at £225 (you can purchase a bottle at Selfridges), it has top notes of Italian bergamot and coriander seeds, heart notes of nutmeg and Egyptian Geranium and base notes of Amber, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean. Basically, it’s musky, sexy and very Valentine’s Day appropriate.

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The moral of the story: whatever your new perfume budget, you’ll still be able to smell just like Mrs. Bieber. You’re welcome.


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