This is how a high-tech cleansing brush could take your skincare regime to the next level

When it comes to giving your skin a super deep cleanse, a cleansing brush is just about the best thing you can reach for. Proven to remove makeup, oil and grime far more effectively than using just your hands, the cleansing brush has fortified its place in the cleansing regimes of beauty buffs far and wide.

Whether you’re looking to bust blackheads, clear up breakouts or simply inject some life into a dull, lacklustre complexion, a cleansing brush could well be the answer. While your choice in cleanser is still of utmost importance (certain ingredients still have the power to make or break your complexion), a cleansing brush is sure to get your cleanser working a whole lot harder.

However, before you part with your precious pennies to invest in one of these mighty devices, it’s important to fully understand what they do, how they work and exactly how you should use them. In short, think of them as lightly exfoliating massagers that work product into your skin more thoroughly to allow for a deeper cleanse. Less dirt, oil and grime means clearer pores, which in theory leads to fewer breakouts. As an added bonus, a number of cleansing brushes also work to stimulate the skin to boost circulation, resulting in a tighter, plumper complexion with added glow.

But that’s not to say cleansing brushes come with no risks. Before you dive in, it’s important to understand that different gadgets have vastly different ways of working and therefore require different processes and products. Plus, never forget that too much of a good thing is still too much. As explained, cleansing gadgets are super stimulating and run the risk of damaging your skin if they are used too vigorously and often. Overuse has the potential to leave skin red, sore and inflamed. Our advice? Resist the urge to over scrub, keep things gentle and always read the directions thoroughly before you give one a whirl.

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If a cleansing brush sounds like something you might benefit from, here’s our round up of the very best…


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