This is exactly what you should ask for when getting lip fillers if you want a natural look

It’s not hard to spot when lip filler has gone badly. The over-hanging top lip, the lumpy deposits and the artificial trout pout – it’s not exactly what most of us envision when we think of perfectly plumped lips. And according to some, including Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist, Dr Lancer, it’s left us looking very strange indeed.

“People look bizarre. Just stop, step back and look. They look bizarre. And they look more and more bizarre and distorted the more time goes, because they have forgotten what they used to look like and have lost their grip on reality,” he said on the subject of fillers and cosmetic tweakments.

If you decide that you’re going to go for it (your beauty, your rules) but want a natural-looking results, we’ve called upon cosmetic doctor Dr Esho, aka The Lip King, for his top tips on precisely what to ask for – and what to avoid.

1. The right ratio

According to Dr Esho, there’s a very specific ratio to ask for that provides the most natural looking lips.

“The perfect lip will have a 1:1 ratio between the outer corners of the top and bottom lip. The middle of the lip and the outer corner should be 2:1,” he advises.

2. The right filler

We tend to group all fillers together, and never really focus on the different materials commonly used in injectable treatments. The truth is, there are many types of filler and you’ll get a different effect depending on which one you choose.

“It’s important that the material used has the same consistency as the lip’s natural mucosa – otherwise, it won’t look natural whenever the patient moves their lip in animation,” says Dr Esho.

“I use the Juvederm Vycross range, which is longer-lasting, smoother to inject, biodegradable, and reversible, but I’ve also been impressed with the Teoxane RHA range.”

3. The right areas

Injectable lip augmentation is a fine art – it’s not a matter of poking around the outlines. According to Dr. Esho, your doctor should focus on specific parts of the lips to ensure a natural looking result.

“The aim is to achieve that perfect ratio, so only injecting the filler to achieve it is the best approach.”

4. The right amount

It’s all too easy to be trigger happy with injectables and many practitioners use far too much filler. According to Dr Esho, there’s no need to go over 1ml in a single treatment. “Obviously, it depends on the size of the natural lip, but I’ll never use more than 1ml per session.”

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