'This generation will flip the world upside down': meet the Gen Z team who created a zine

Anna Marshall
Writer, 21, Lancashire
Activism is finding out about something you believe in, and then acting upon it. It’s tempting to stay silent, but that’s the problem. While we wait for louder voices to tell us what to think, our society is fracturing.

I’m hoping Your Voice. Your Way will enable me to communicate what it takes to be an activist. I’ve learned you can be inspired by people, but you don’t need to be anyone but yourself. Understanding our individual strengths is the most important step for making our voices heard.

Chris Martin
Illustrator, 22, Lake District
Your Voice. Your Way allows me the creative freedom to work without boundaries, but also I’m doing it for Levi’s and The Guardian Labs, two companies who are pushing the world in the direction I hope becomes the norm.

Whatever is important to you, find out the truth of it. We live in a very noisy world, but your voice is your own. Use it.

Milli Ahern
Photographer, 23, south London
Growing up, being bullied about my appearance led to not feeling confident. Photography allowed me to reclaim my voice, empower other young women and highlight the beauty in diversity.

I applied for Your Voice. Your Way as I wanted to be part of a project with like-minded creatives. I couldn’t wait to share my ideas.

Fanny Beckman
Photographer, 24, London, via Malmo, Sweden
As I combine photography with feminist activism, I was thrilled to hear about Your Voice. Your Way. This is a unique opportunity to spread awareness of different topics.

I’m currently working on a project questioning beauty standards. I want to say: “Dear old-fashioned norms, just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be challenged.”

Sam Carrick
Writer, 18, Gosport
My voice is unique because I’m an immigrant who’s proudly part of the LGBT+ community. I bring my personal experiences and anger about prejudice in the world around me to this project.

My message has always been: be kind and think before you engage with mob mentality against marginalised groups.

Vicki Jones
Illustrator, 21, Birmingham
When I found out that I was successful with my application to be part of The Guardian Labs’ collaboration with Levi’s, I was ecstatic.

Through this collaboration I hope to provide a better representation of women of colour. The message I’d like people to take from my work is to be proud of who you are.

Ayat Mohamed
Writer, 18, south-west London
This generation will flip this world upside down. I am female, Muslim, born to immigrant parents: being chosen for this project has been incredibly empowering. It’s more important than ever for young people to share their views.

I hope whoever is reading this sees this project as proof that they are valid. Share your voice, because at least one person will benefit and that person may be yourself. Either way, the impact will be massive. Enjoy the ride.

Kiera Moran
Writer, 24, Merthyr Tydfil
Not feeling heard by the world is a great catalyst for creativity: it can allow you to explore without inhibition. On the other hand it’s hugely frustrating that your existence and experience is completely invisible to some.

When I saw the advert for Your Voice. Your Way I didn’t have a great deal of confidence, but decided I’d have a go. Fake it ‘til you make it, right? When I found out I was selected I was incredibly excited. Through this project I’d like people to feel a greater solidarity.


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