This comic about black cats will almost certainly make you cry

Who knew we’d have a soft spot for the demon death? (Picture: Jenny Jinya)

Jenny Jinya brought us the ‘Good Boy’ comic that pretty much wrecked our lives.

In it, a puppy who’s been abandoned by the side of the road is visited by death, saying it’s his time to go.

He asks death if he’s been a bad boy and that was why he was left alone, and death decides all the love the little pup has to give shouldn’t go to waste.

So, when a person in hospital passes away, death makes sure that the dog is the first thing they see, making their transition a little easier and giving the dog people who he can love and be loved by.

If you thought that was heartbreaking, though, you’re going to be absolutely devastated by the recent comic Jinya has released.

Death is back again, but this time the topic is black cats. Take a look.

(Picture: JennyJinya)
(Picture: JennyJinya)
(Picture: JennyJinya)

Yup, straight in the feels. We did warn you.

Not going to lie, though, we didn’t expect to feel such an affinity with a skeleton who brings death to cute animals.

It’s not just about making us all cry, though. Jinya is using the comic to highlight how black cats are discriminated against, and can face cruelty and neglect as a result of superstitions.

In an Instagram post of the comic, she said: ‘Even in 2019, you still hear of black cats being associated with superstitions, witches, black magic and such.

‘Black shelter pets are less likely to be adopted than pets of other colors. They still face so much hate nowadays and the more I read about this topic, the sadder I get.’

It’s true. The RSPCA say that black cats are the hardest to find homes for.

Instagram allegedly plays a role too, with photographer Emma O’Brien finding that some people didn’t want black cats or dogs because they believed they wouldn’t photograph as well for their social media.

At least we’re crying our eyes out for a good cause.

Another warning, though. Jenny Jinya teased a sequel to this comic just yesterday, so don’t put the tissues away just yet.

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