This brand new British label will be all over your Instagram feed this winter

We all know the scenario… a new season rolls in, you spy a delicious coat/bag/shoe in your favourite high street store, you snap one up and strut into work the next day arrogantly showing it off only to see three of your colleagues had the exact same idea.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of the Great British high street, but we’re also fond of wearing pieces that not *everyone* else is.

Unfortunately for those of us with slightly tighter purse strings than we’d like, buying couture, one-off items is absolutely beyond the realms of possibility.

What’s not, however, is buying limited edition pieces that you’re unlikely to ever see anyone else in. Thanks to brand new London label, Palones (you won’t want to forget that name), owning such a one-off wardrobe is, in fact, easy.

Headed up by a design team with a history of creating high street hits, it’s no surprise that the collections encourage a similar must-have mentality. However, what differs from typical high street stores is that these pieces are all limited edition.

Items are restricted to very short runs (sometimes as limited as just 100) which will not be reproduced, meaning that your colleagues/friends/sisters almost definitely won’t be wearing it too. Until they inevitably ask to borrow it…

Unsurprisingly, some of our favourite influencers have already been getting in on the Palones action.

The other good news? Pieces are made mostly from archive fabrics and recycled buttons and accessories, while sizing is all totally cohesive thanks to impressive 3D technologically-created avatars. So if you’re a 12 in one pair of trousers, you will be across all styles. Sounds simple, but how many retailers fall at this hurdle?

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I know what you’re thinking, this service and exclusivity must come at a price. But while it’s admittedly more than your average high street purchase, it’s nowhere near a designer brand’s pricing strategy.

Almost everything in the current collection rings in at under £200, with knits usually around £75 and coats from £99. If you’re concerned that that’s more than you’d usually pay, trust us when we say that you’ll rarely find this level of quality at a better price.

Scroll down to shop our 10 favourite pieces from the launch collection…


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