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This AI can judge a video game by its cover – HT Tech

They say never judge a book by its cover. Now, a group of researchers have taught an artificial intelligence (AI) system to just that but in case of video games.

Researchers Yuhang Jiang and Lukun Zheng recently published pre-print research (via TNW) paper titled “Deep learning for video game genre classification” wherein they talk about the creation of a large database and then using it to train an AI system to classify a video game by its cover.

Researchers say that they compiled a large dataset consisting of 50,000 video games from 21 genres made of cover images, description text, title text and genre information. They also evaluated the mage-based and text-based models for the task of genre classification for video games.

“Third, we developed an efficient and salable multi-modal framework based on both images and texts. Fourth, a thorough analysis of the experimental results is given and future works to improve the performance is suggested,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

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Upon investigating, the researchers determined that the text-based models perform better in general than image-based models. They also determined that the multi-modal model consisting of both text-based and image-based models outperformed image-based or text-based models.


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