This 11-year-old girl just designed a line for J Crew

Clementine Murphy is no ordinary 11 year old girl. While other girls her age are worrying about how to get out of doing their maths homework, Clementine has just casually designed and launched her first capsule collection of super cute clothes in partnership with J Crew, like it aint no thing.

Clementine’s mama is Jesse Randall, creative director of the shoe brand Loeffler Randall, which is also a collab with J Crew. Apparently, Clementine was spotted giving out fashion advice to customers at a sample sale for J Crew and the powers that be were impressed with her style. Incredibly, they offered her the chance to launch her own fashion range with the kids’ collection – making her probably one of the most fashion-savvy almost-teenagers on the planet. We stan. We stan big time.

The seriously ambitious 11-year-old has been studying fashion illustration for a few years at school and her ma says her sewing skills are pretty impressive. Sometimes, she makes miniature versions of her mum’s designer clothes and she likes to draw her own versions of things she likes. She’s been styling her own outfits for years and her biggest wish is to be invited to attend fashion shows all around the world. Surely, it’s only a matter of time.

Clementine’s new collection is out with a J Crew kids’ line called Crewcuts now.

It includes this pair of loose-fitting, pale jeans.

This blue and white cinched in tank top.

And cool sandals like these ones.

If we could fit into it, we’d be all over this stuff.


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