Things To Think About When Designing/Redesigning Your Bathroom

Things To Think About When Designing/Redesigning Your Bathroom

People spend an average of 1½ years of their lives in their bathrooms. While this value varies between men and women, the point remains that we spend a fair amount of time in this part of the house. We tend to commit a lot of time to other aspects of an interior redesign, dismissing the bathroom as an area that can either be simply redesigned, or that doesn’t require much attention in the first place. Given that we spend a considerable amount of time in our bathrooms, here are some things to think about when designing/redesigning that space in your house. 

Find The Right Tiling

The first thing to consider when altering your bathroom is your tiling. Atlas Ceramics say that metreage is key to this process, and the average bathroom has 20 square metres to work with. The smallest can average at around the size of a king size bed. While this might not sound like an enormous amount of space, making every square metre count can prove challenging for the unprepared. Whether you’re looking for a simple pattern design, a more complex mosaic, or no design at all, taking the time to consider your tiling beforehand can save you a lot of hassle and expense down the line. While the physical amount of tiling will be the same for each, the metreage rates will vary depending on the kind of design you want. Cutting each tile uniformly, for example, is much cheaper than creating a mosaic, but won’t offer much in the way of a unique visual design

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Consider Clever Storage Options

Thinking about your storage solutions beforehand is another aspect of interior design that can be overlooked in the bathroom. Maximising your storage availability will help make the space appear as open as possible. Mirrored cabinets work as a neat combination solution, but you’re not going to get everything you need into a single space. Bottles of shampoo and body wash in your bath/shower are best given their own niche storage space to clear the clutter and improve the overall look of your bathroom. This can be achieved with clip on or hanging storage spaces or specific shelves built into the wall. Finding the right solution for you will mean weighing up your options in terms of space and expense.

Keep Ventilation In Mind

The last thing to bear in mind is the issue of proper ventilation. This can often be a feature that is overlooked at the beginning of the process, only to become an issue later on. Ensuring that there’s a powerful enough extractor fan will mitigate the buildup of condensation, which could damage furniture or fixtures in your bathroom: this can be a particular issue with smaller spaces. Considering the specific needs of your space, while balancing the potential noise levels of a loud fan, is another measure that will ultimately save you problems in the future. 

By following these pointers you’re sure to be on the right track when planning your new bathroom. Properly considering these elements at the outset will save you time and expense down the line.

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