These overnight masks work hard while you sleep for supple skin upon waking

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Many think that the final step in any comprehensive skincare regime is a targeted serum applied on top of a daily moisturiser, or for skincare enthusiasts, an eye cream to ward off dark circles. However, experts say that if you’re looking for optimum results, you should really incorporate an overnight face mask into your routine.

“Research is starting to emerge about the importance of sleep for skin health,” comments Dr Justine Kluk, Consultant Dermatologist at 25 Harley Street. “Studies indicate that sleep deprivation impairs skin barrier function, vital for keeping moisture in the skin and protecting us from allegens, pollution, infection and other external aggressors. Accelerated skin ageing, evidenced by uneven pigmentation, fine wrinkling and skin laxity, has also been demonstrated in those who have poor quality sleep.”

Adequate sleep is what allows the skin to repair itself, and it when the majority of cell renewal occurs. As well as night-time cellular regeneration, skin also becomes more receptive to skincare ingredients, harnessing their powers to boost its natural processes, which is what makes a great night mask such an important step in every skincare regime.

Plus, skincare experts are using masks as a reactive way to bolt-on the extra ingredients our skin desperately needs at optimal points throughout the night. As such, the options available have become even more targeted and sophisticated. “We already have masks for 11 different body parts [including the eyes, lips and entire face],” says Net-A-Porter. “And within these, we have firming masks, hydrating masks, brightening masks, lifting masks – it’s truly a full walk-in wardrobe of masks.”

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From boosting a dull, lacklustre complexion, to lifting and firming skin and balancing out inflammation, we’ve rounded up the very best overnight skincare masks to suit every concern…

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