These are the best apps to use to make new friends – like Tinder but for pals

As you get older it can feel as though making friends is harder… if you don’t change jobs, change hometowns, try new clubs, or get introduced to new people, the scope for new friends shrinks.

This is where apps come in.

The reality is, we’re constantly changing and growing – so our friendships will too. Maybe that friend you always went to concerts with no longer makes the effort, or the connection has faded. That doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone new to do these things with anymore.

Though it can be awkward. We’re quite skeptical and sometimes a new person showing interest can make us feel uncomfortable. An app takes a little of the guesswork out here because it signals you’re all interested in broadening your social horizons.

So think of it like how you’d approach a dating app: put yourself out there, be clear in your intentions, and be open about who you might meet. Who knows, maybe there’s a new best friend out there for you.


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