These are the 50 best eye products of all time, according to our beauty editors

Ask any beauty expert and they’ll all tell you the same thing – 2021 is all about the eyes. From bushy brows and brighter under-eyes, to playful eyeshadow and lustrous lashes, we’re all focussing on making the most of our eye area, with the help of both the finest eyecream formulas as well as enhancing and expressive makeup.

This newfound focus is hardly surprising, seeing as the past year has seen the proliferation of face masks and face coverings. They’re now mandatory in all public areas, and there’s no sign that they’re going away anytime soon, meaning the only part of your face on show is, you guessed it, your eyes.

However, with beauty salons and cosmetic clinics shut, many of us are behind when it comes to our beauty schedules. Whether you’ve missed your last few brow threading appointments, you haven’t been able to have a Botox top up, or you’re missing your bi-monthly facials, more of us are calling on the power of at-home treatments and skincareproducts to make sure our beauty needs are being met.

Luckily, the GLAMOUR beauty editors have compiled the ultimate list of the tried-and-tested eye skincare and makeup products, from the concealers and brighteners that will fake a good night’s sleep, to the massage tools and high-tech gadgets that will eliminate puffiness in a flash, to the brow pencil that will add structure to your face, to the portent skincare serums and targeted masks that will tackle fine lines and dark circles.

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Keep scrolling to discover the very best beauty products for eyes…

If your under-eye bags are still giving you grief, check out our round up of the best products to treat dark circles, or if you need a bit more guidance when it comes to maintaining your brows at-home, check out our ultimate guide to threading your own eyebrows, as well as the best eyebrow tints.

These Are The 50 Best Eye Products Of All Time


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