These are our favourite sandals that cover your toes to buy this summer – toe cleavage, be gone!

‘Tis the season for sandals (though you wouldn’t know by the current weather), and our search for the best sandals that cover toes has begun. Yes, you heard us correctly; there are such things as sandals that cover your toes. Or, at the very least, sandals that hide your toe cleavage.

The problem many of us face during the summer is that it’s far too hot to wear trainers… but we don’t feel all that comfortable braving the streets with our *entire* tootsies on show, either. Unless you’re into feet (and no judgement if you are), there’s nothing flattering about the toe cleavage. We’re not all blessed with perfect trotters, so where does one turn to? There must be a retailer out there that can save us from bearing all.

We’ve already trawled the internet for the best dad sandals and found a fair few from that round-up, but we need more toe-secure tredders – flip flops are just a massive no-go for the toe-conscious. In order to feel confident in our summer dresses, cycling shorts, bikinis and chic white jeans, we need a good pair of toe-concealing sandals.

We don’t necessarily mean something that covers them completely, though we’d never say no to a mule or espadrille. Rather something that doesn’t expose them entirely but that still keeps us cool. No thank you sweaty, squelchy feet. We also don’t want something that’s unfashionable – the last thing you want is to look like you’ve borrowed your gran’s paediatric shoes, as fab as she looks in them.

If you’re blessed with lengthy toes, or just prefer not to show them where possible, then we’ve got you. We’ve compiled a list of 21 pairs for you to choose from, from brands such as ASOS, Net-A-Porter and Mango. Just in time for summer, phew!

This pair of gladiator sandals from Topshop are a definite must-buy – they’re super flattering and show just a peep of your toes from between the straps. Ideal! If you’re wanting to treat yourself, though, take a look at these braided raffia slides from Fendi. The wide crossover straps conceal your toes perfectly, revealing just the tips of them so you can still show off your pedicure. These ruched leather sandals from Mango offer a pop of colour to your warm-weather ensembles, and they only show the toenails.

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