Theresa May hails Brexit victory saying ‘we have delivered on the referendum result and kept faith with the people’

Theresa May has tweeted a jubilant message ahead of Britain’s departure from the EU, claiming “we can finally say that we have delivered on the result of the 2016 referendum”.

The former prime minister, who failed three times to get her Brexit deal through Parliament, wrote: “At 11pm tonight, Britain will leave the European Union.

“After more than three years, we can finally say that we have delivered on the result referendum and have kept faith with the British people.” 

Mrs May coined the phrase “Brexit means Brexit” but repeatedly struggled to secure backing from MPs on her withdrawal agreement, which was defeated by a record-breaking 230 votes on January 15, 2019.

Twitter users were quick to criticise her message, with one responding:” Yes, and all thanks to Boris.”

Another added: “Bloody hell delivered, if I had ordered a meal through just eat and it turned up 4 years later you wouldn’t be getting a good review just as the tories won’t get a good review from me!!”

Another commented: “Kept faith? We? It seems to me that most politicians and media did anything but keep faith.”

However, one user was more generous to the former PM, tweeting: “Thank you for all the work you did when you were PM. You played a key role in helping us leave the EU!” 

David Cameron’s successor began her 1,106-day premiership with confidence, calling a snap election on April 18 2017, saying Britain needed “strong and stable” leadership following the EU referendum.

The gamble failed spectacularly and the election left her without an overall majority and reliant on a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to stay in office.

Despite those difficulties she eventually reached an EU withdrawal agreement with Brussels in November 2018.

She insisted her deal “delivered for the British people” and urged both Leave and Remain voters to rally behind it.

But her own party ignored that plea and after a series of ministerial resignations – she set a new record for losing ministers during her three years – her Withdrawal Agreement was defeated.

Mrs May continued valiantly with her efforts to get the deal through Parliament but eventually admitted defeat, announcing in a tearful speech in Downing Street that she had “done all she can.”


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