The Young Women Instituting Change On Instagram

Aside from being a haven for selfies and enviable holiday snaps, Instagram has become a space where many young feminist activists have found their voice. From Hani Sidow pushing brands to be more inclusive – and Gina Martin’s campaign to criminalise upskirting – to Tolmeia Gregory and Florence Given attempting to break down beauty standards with their ultra witty feminist illustrations, here are the new-gen feminists taking over Instagram in a bid to initiate change.

Hani Sidow


Hani Sidow, 22, focuses on beauty and inclusivity in her feminism. Choosing to wearing a Hijab and using Instagram as her primary platform, she has inspired a number of Muslim girls to feel confident in their choice of wearing this garment. Insisting that modesty is not synonymous with a lack of style, she has risen to fame for her make-up tutorials and her campaigns pushing brands to better cater to women with darker skin.

Florence Given


Florence Given, 19, began her feminist journey at the age of 14 when she was appalled at the unwanted attention she received after choosing to go braless. After months of research on the sexualisation of women’s bodies along with the creative skills she acquired at art school she began to develop her own unique, feminist illustrations. Using Instagram as her platform, Florence has been able to share her colourful drawings, punchy captions and ironic wit – shedding light on the gender biases still prevalent in today’s society.

Gina Martin


Gina Martin, 27, used Instagram to launch her campaign on criminalising the act of “upskirting”after a man at a festival took inappropriate and unwanted pictures of her. Despite her anguish, the police closed the case and she was told that nothing else could be done. Learning that she was just one of many to fall victim to such actions, she felt urged to take matters further. Last month, upskirting was made illegal in the U.K, leaving Gina to become a feminist icon, using Instagram to share advice on everything from public speaking to activism.

Libby Phillips


[instagram id=”p/BhhRJK0lzv_”]

Libby Phillips, 17, draws illustrations and writes poems on body positivity which she showcases on her Instagram. Through her depiction of a variety of human body shapes and an emphasis on self-love, her designs are a refreshing glimpse into a world outside often narrow beauty standards. Equipped with abundant creativity and a drive to breakdown stigma, she has adopted Instagram as a tool for spreading her feminism.

Arooj Aftab


Fashion blogger Arooj, 22, uses Instagram to provide awareness to her particular genetic condition call neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), which causes tumours to grow along her nerves. When she revealed her condition to her followers she received an overwhelming amount of support with many sharing her story further. Arooj now uses Instagram to connect with other sufferers and to provide a better understanding of the condition.

Tolmeia Gregory


Tolmeia, 18, is an ethical fashion blogger and aspiring designer who uses her blog and Instagram channel to prompt a more ethically conscious narrative amongst consumers and the fashion industry. Concerned with the intersection between a more sustainable future and feminism, her carefully curated Instragram is an ode to all things female and green.


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